The wetlands meeting the relaxing seating area. PHOTO: Matthew Loewen

From school trips to walks with friends, the Bridlewood pond has been a place I’ve gone to countless times throughout various stages of my life. There is nothing out of the ordinary in this small wetland on the edge of the southwest community, but something about it has always brought great peace.

It isn’t just me that finds joy in the calm water, as ducks, mostly mallards, can be found here on almost any visit outside of the winter. The ducks, like me I presume, love the fact it is never very busy at the pond, which makes it the ideal place to relax.

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It is also a spot fit for all seasons, with the snow beautifully accenting the trees and freezing over the lake. It’s  perfect for a winter walk. Autumn and spring remain my favourite seasons to visit the pond, as the yellow trees of fall and the beautiful aura of springtime only work to make the pond even more beautiful.

Throughout attending Bridlewood Elementary School, I would get to visit the pond with my class on many occasions, most times to study the habitat for a science project. These visits, while required, were always a very welcome break as I was able to enjoy the nature and tranquility of the pond.

It serves as a walking connection between the southwest communities Bridlewood and Somerset, a prime picture taking location and a wetland that has seen many memories created for me with friends and family. It can serve many purposes but all of them are positive.

It may not be as glamorous or nearly as large as Fish Creek, but Bridlewood pond has a unique charm for me and many others. So if you feel like taking photos of ducks or are in need of a relaxing stroll in Calgary’s southwest, the Bridlewood pond is the perfect place.

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Matthew Loewen is a journalism student at Mount Royal University with a love for telling stories about sports and entertainment