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First and foremost, me! My name is Kae Burnett and I’m the newsletter editor for the next couple of months. I’m in my final year of the Journalism & Digital Media program at MRU and hope I can bring you the boldest and best Calgary has to offer.

In the upcoming newsletters you can look forward to a Senior Reporter Spotlight (find our first one below), and a Calgary News Round-Up featuring current stories from various news organizations.

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“Sometimes the A feels like it’s the only way… but just remember, C’s still get degrees!”

~Emily Marsten

Senior Reporter Spotlight!

Emily Marsten is in her final year of the Journalism & Digital Media program and has left quite a mark with stories ranging from local bridal designers to struggles women face with postpartum depression. Find all of Emily’s stories with the Journal here!

Recent stories

Despite growing popularity, women’s hockey still lacks pro options

By Brooklyn Palin

Women’s hockey continues to grow in popularity and participation, yet professional opportunities still lag far behind those offered in the men’s game.

‘I felt an urgency and a responsibility to document what was happening’

By Abby Parker

New documentary follows the opioid crisis and one community’s journey to harm reduction.

Coin collector talks about uncovering the secrets of ancient currency

By Jana Abbara

Robert Weir, an associate professor of Greek and Roman studies at the University of Windsor, researches coins found in archaeological excavations.

Calgary news round-up

A lot happens in and around our city, and all the time. So, here are a few articles from other news sources to help keep you in the loop.

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