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Have you felt like this winter has lasted forever? Well good news: Spring is right around the corner! This week we’ll have the first official day of spring, and with this fresh beginning we also have a bunch of fresh stories to share.

This month we have some interesting reads like:

And more!

Also stay tuned at the end to hear about our second monthly challenge that you can stay tuned for, and to meet a couple of our editors for #MeetTheEditorMonday. Happy reading!

— Chloë Chapdelaine, newsletter editor

Opinion: Premier Jason Kenney must apologize to Calgary’s South Asian community for COVID comments

We all want the same thing, and that is to make sure that all Albertans […]

Lethbridge activist no longer willing to stand by in the face of prejudice

Jordan Ledyit organizes GUARD, Group United Against Racial Discrimination, speaks out on racism in Lethbridge.

Time for a new lens: The hidden racism behind photography

Calgary photographers Shenda Chimwaso and Samuel Obadero understand just how biased the camera can be. […]

In case you missed it…

Alberta needs bold action to grow its tech sector and move beyond oil and gas

Just this week, Indian tech giant Infosys announced plans to create 500 new jobs in […]

How Calgary’s Sun.Ergos performance company is making the most of the pandemic

The troupe has performed for audiences around the world, but the pandemic has forced them […]

Backcountry trails and camping can be COVID-safe with some basic precautions

Many people go to the outdoors to escape from the current COVID-19 restrictions, however, campgrounds […]

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Our 2nd Monthly Challenge

Monthly challenge: What is it? Each month we’ll share a challenge that we’d love you to take part in. These will surround fun and engaging ways for you to share your favourite stories.

March monthly challenge: To stick with the theme of “spring,” we have a fun new challenge. Like flowers that bloom with rain, the stories we share perform better when we have more readers and engagement. This month, we challenge you to share a story you’ve read on the Calgary Journal. There’s lots of ways you can share these, and here are just a few ideas:

  1. Use your favourite social media platform to share a story you enjoy. On FaceBook you can click the “share” button, on Instagram you can screenshot and repost it to your story, or you can retweet it on Twitter!
  2. Copy the link and email it to a friend, or forward along a story that’s been sent to you (while you’re at it, feel free to forward this email to a friend, colleague, or family member).
  3. Word of mouth! If you read something interesting, tell someone about it! Whether it be sharing it with a friend over the phone or a text message, replacing your typical small-talk with a story that’s interested you, or even just sharing it at the family dinner table, these are all fun ways to share our stories

Pro tip: Tag @calgaryjournal in your story so we can see what you share! Feel free to addstext to the story talking about why it resonated with you.

By participating in this monthly challenge, you are helping to bring attention to stories that deserve attention, and are acknowledging the hard work our journalists have put in this month, so thank you in advance.

Social Media

#PhotoOfTheWeek: Speaking of stories, you can vote for your favourite photo every week on our Instagram stories! All you have to do is keep an eye out for the weekly contest and vote when you see an image you like.

Meet the editor Monday: Have you been keeping up with our #MeetTheEditorMondays? We’ve recently started doing “meet the editor Mondays” on our social media, meaning you can learn more about the editors behind the Calgary Journal! Every Monday introduce a new editor, so be sure to check in!

This month we were introduced to Chloë, and Vanessa, click their links to find out more!

But don’t stop here! Any time you see an article published on the Calgary Journal website that you enjoy, consider sharing it with your friends, family, or coworkers — our reporters and editorial team appreciate the exposure. We’re actively working to improve our social media engagement and newsletter subscriber numbers, so keep the conversation going and feel free to forward our emails, post it to your own social media, and talk about it with others!

Community Events

Before you leave, if you’re looking to stay active in Calgary, here are 3 events you can participate in this month:

  1. Let’s Roam Calgary Scavenger Hunt: Calgary Culture- Whether you’re new to Calgary, a local, or a tourist, download the app and participate today (Runs until March 23)
  2. Calgary Zoo King Penguin Walk– This is a must for all penguin lovers!
  3. Check out the Art and Nature Virtual Museum Classroom

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for April’s newsletter email next month, and until then, enjoy the sunshine.

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