Traditional wedding planning seems to be changing.

Bridal-fantasy-1Couples are waiting longer to get married and weddings are becoming more expensive —with the average wedding in Canada costing $26,000, said Gay Derk, president of Bridal Fantasy.

Bridal-Fantasy Jan.15

The working woman doesn’t have the time to plan a wedding by herself, so grooms are stepping up. The Bridal Fantasy convention on Jan. 15 seemed to have many more men this year than previous years.Men made a prominent difference in numbers at the Bridal Fantasy convention on Jan. 15. The convention was at the TELUS Convention Centre in which future husbands and brides participated in the events.
Photo by: Aryn Guthrie

Tuled Giovanazzi and Kyle Haley are one engaged couple who will tie the knot this summer. Haley said they try to commit to splitting things half and half.

“It’s not so much about delegation,” he said, “but it has been about getting input. If there’s something I can run with, I’ll run with that,”

Between the two, Haley takes charge of church and reception duties for their big day.

Dream Wedding Productions Ltd. specializes in wedding planning and décor. Its designer and planner, Stephanie Macaulay, said that men these days want a say in the outcome of their big day.

“I think men are getting more involved because it’s a more modern time. They want to be involved in what their day looks like and have a little more of a say in terms of the entertainment and how it comes together. There are a lot more contemporary guys out there who care.”

Giovanazzi and Haley went to mid-January’s Bridal Fantasy convention held at the TELUS Convention Centre for some inspiration and motivation in their planning.

Haley was not the only groom-to-be. There seemed to be a lot more men at the sides of their future wives during the Bridal Fantasy.

Derk said that for this year, they provided services specifically for men such as tuxedos and destination wear. But she added that overall, “guys are involved in everything from picking cakes to colours.

“It’s not like it used to be. They are more actively involved.”

For Haley and Giovanazzi, although they try to be involved equally, Giovanazzi acknowledges that in the end the bride will still hold more power.

“I think more men are encouraged to be involved, but I think guys are more in the back seat and girls are more in the front seat.”

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