“Super 8” play is brand new, funny and thrilling

Super8thumbHave you ever wondered who stays at Super 8 motels? If so, Lunchbox Theatre has the answer for you in its upcoming comedy – appropriately named Super 8.

 Kira Bradley plays Angie, a tall woman with long curly hair, and David Trimble plays Will, a shorter man in a beige suit. They act out the play in a round, rotating stage made into a bar and motel room.

The characters meet at the motel bar, where Angie can often be found drinking her evening away, even though men are lining up to meet her, only to be rejected.

But there is something different about Will. He is the one guy Angie doesn’t toss to the curb.

The audience roars with laughter at the expense of Will after Angie throws an insult in his direction.

Bradley has been acting for over 10 years and carries confidence in her every step on stage – despite having recently had a baby. She still feels comfortable with acting in a romantic scene.

Even as the audience sees her in her underwear slipping into blue jeans and a blouse the morning after, she isn’t fazed.

Will might be short but this doesn’t stop Angie from flirting and spending the night with him.

Ironically, these two have much in common. They are both stuck in life.


Bradley doesn’t have to act like she is having fun. She truly does have fun being in her character’s shoes.“Super 8” poster.
Photo courtesy of: Lunchbox Theatre
“I adore making people laugh,” Bradley said. “Laughter lightens the heavy loud of life.”

Life seems to be at a halt for these two characters as they both give the impression that they don’t know where they are headed or what they are really doing.

Like most actresses involved in many different scenes throughout their performance, Bradley said he feels nervous, but knows how to deal with it.

“David and I run lines before hand to feel confident,” Bradley said. “I try to do some yoga and breathing exercises. But if I am feeling really nervous, I’ll do 20 push ups.”

Charles Netto co-wrote the adventure-packed play with Mark Hopkins. Netto said he is very happy with the success of it so far.

“This is the first time this play has been produced professionally at this length,” Netto said. “It’s been everything we’ve wanted it to be and more.”

Netto said he really enjoys handing a finished script to a theatre company and letting the cast bring it to life.

“It’s nice when you can focus on just one area,” Netto said.

Leor Rotchild, a patron, commented that he enjoyed the play, and that he found it to be very funny.

“Oddly enough, I can relate to the experience because I’ve spent time in small towns in small quaint hotels,” Rotchild said. “I won’t ever look at a Super 8 motel in the same way again.”

Super 8, a World Premiere Comedy by Mark Hopkins and Charles Netto will run from Feb. 6 – 25, 2012 at the Lunchbox Theatre.


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