A look into what keeps the theatre community alive


 By day Calgary is known as the largest city in Alberta with an economic structure centered on the extent of its petroleum industry. However, behind all these offices and skyscrapers, a whole other side of Calgary is booming that many may never take the time to notice – the world of Calgary Community Theatre.

Home to over 25 independent community based theatre companies Calgary is a growing hub for all those who love to get up, get out, perform and entertain. From office clerks to accountants and CEO’s to caretakers the world of community theatre is a place where people from all walks of life come together to create something spectacular. These people whom we know and work with everyday become the stage managers, the actors, the directors and the playwrights that allow this industry to survive.

 But what is it that keeps them going? Why do they continue to go from one job to another, receiving nothing but the satisfaction of seeing a new production come to life?

These are the questions. Now it’s time to hear the answers.


Screen shot of the blog created to show Calgarians what community theatre is all about.

Visit Fortheloveoftheatre to find out more.


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