Chinook Roller Derby whips co-ed league into action

 Produced by Sharday Isaac

Roller Derby attracts a different breed of competitors. But rough ‘n’ tumbling, tattooed and monstrous with a pizzazz-like name, isn’t exactly the A-type derby skater that ’70s Hollywood led us on to believe.

In fact, if you’ve ever seen the 21st century film “Whip It,” chances are you understand the pop culture references to the all-girl roller derby nation that started in Texas over 10 years ago.

Much like in a co-ed scrimmage between two Chinook Roller Derby League teams — here all shapes, sizes, ages and genders tend to participate in a sport that is appetizing to any who wants to join.

In other words, if you’re light on your feet and can squeeze through a hip, you are “fresh meat” potential in the Chinook Roller Derby League.

Father and son duo Steve (Rice Ball) and Brad (BrADASS) Recsky say that playing for a co-ed league is no short of awesome. While the “pace of hitting” is usually set in the first jam, “douchebag hits are never allowed,” says Rice Ball.

James (Dev Null) Bourne, captain of the all-male ensemble, the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs, says there are a lot of female leagues in Calgary.

“In fact, the male contingent is still a minority — women now outnumber men 10 to one,” Bourne says.

As the only male team in Calgary, the Glenmore Reservoir Dogs have an ever-growing roster, currently suiting 14 players with two on the injury list due back in February.

Bourne says he hopes for more men to get into the fringe sport even if with a strong female presence, as their co-ed league strives for inclusivity, every one is family and no one is ever left out.

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