CharPopLuck hosts 100 chefs to feed those who donate to feed the less fortunate

After less than two months of planning, executive chefs from Charcut Roast House, Connie DeSousa and John Jackson have pulled off the first charitable “temporary pop-up restaurant”—CharPopLuck — with all proceeds going to the Calgary Food Bank.

The $135 ticket to attend CharPop on Jan. 26 included the luxurious dining experience and a bus ride to a rural barn where guest were entertained with belly dancers, live music and elegant home brews.

But there was more to this event than just eating savoury food and passing around the donation box, said organizer and Charcut co-owner Connie DeSousa. The event was an opportunity for local chefs to showcase their talents, with elaborate food creations: towers of ornate seafood and cakes made from gourmet doughnuts.

But the real star of this event was the Calgary Food Bank. While being chased all over the Farmer’s Market for interviews by Global TV and Up! Magazine, the food bank was making their presence known by selling T-shirts and shaking hands with the money-makers in the city.

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