Jeff Shattler fights to maintain lacrosse and life obligations

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Like other members of the Calgary Roughnecks, all-star forward Jeff Shattler doesn’t just have to balance his work on the team with his family life.

He also has to balance his work on the team with his work off the field as a glass installer.

The key, Shattler says, is having people who support him and understand that lacrosse is his biggest passion.

During the week, he says tries to spend as much of his time as possible with his little girl.

Shattler largeJeff Shattler (red) drives past Edmonton Rush defensive player Kyle Rubisch, during the Rougnecks 9-8 win on Feb. 9.

Photo by Ian Esplen

The rest of the time, Shattler works for Ferguson Glass, doing mostly outside glass installations on buildings in downtown Calgary.

Shattler says that the company is flexible with his schedule, allowing him to take the time he needs to keep up with his lacrosse obligations.

Having a boss who understands his commitments to lacrosse is helpful, he says, especially after some of the more physical games on the weekends, where the sport can take a toll.

“It’s really key for guys to get good bosses who understand our commitment to our sport, the travel and how our bodies feel. He’s done that. He’s really taken good care of me over the years,” Shattler says.

That care has allowed him to continue to train and play with his teammates, all of whom he considers a second family.

In fact, the word family is emblazoned on the shirts that the Roughnecks players wear during shoot-arounds.

“Obviously your family comes first, but in the back of your mind you know that you have to put lacrosse at the top on weekends,” he says. 

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