Student Empowerment Committee plans for summer action after successful march

thumb rally7“We don’t plan to fizzle.”

That’s what student organizer Wolfgang Knox said following Wednesday’s protest rally against post-secondary education cutbacks in Alberta.

The axe fell on the provincial budget on Mar. 7, 2013 and with the slice, Mount Royal University lost $14 million.

The 10th at 10 rally was held outside East Gate at Mount Royal University’s campus on April 10. The gathering attracted media, security, and hundreds of protestors dedicated to the cause.

rally7Rally organizer Wolfgang Knox pumps up the protestors outside of East Gate on the Mount Royal University campus April 10.

Photo by Kelsey SimpsonAfter that rally, and the subsequent march to Allison Redford’s M.L.A. office, one of the groups that organized that protest—the Student Empowerment Committee— posted a Facebook messaging calling that event an “amazing response”.

However, the posting also stated, “Today was only the beginning. We may be quieter for the next little bit in order to focus on finals but we are not going to be gone.”

Frances Myketyn Driscoll is a fourth year anthropology student and is one of the 20 different organizers in the Mount Royal committee.

She explained that the group has plans over the summer to build awareness and support.

“We want to show the community that we want to connect with them too and that we aren’t necessarily just about ourselves – we know that it is affecting health care and high school students as well.”

“We are hoping to build bridges over the spring and summer so we can continue strong going right into the fall,” Driscoll added.

In fact, another organizer—who would only identify herself as Tamara B.—said, “We have discussed talking to high school students because it really affects them. Their future is really up in the air right now.”

Knox is proud of the group that gathered for the rally.

“This was more than we could have hoped for. We keep getting told that Alberta and Alberta students are apathetic. Really?”

As Knox made his closing remark, a passerby yelled, “That was not apathy, that was action!”

Read more about the protest here.

More than a rally

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