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As seasons begin to change, one of the busiest shopping times is upon Calgarians. Some will be preparing to head back to school, while others will begin searching for ways to stay a little warmer and still look good.

With that in mind, the Calgary Journal spoke with Charlotte Hunter, an assistant buyer with espy – a designer boutique located in Inglewood – about what the latest trends in Calgary’s fashion scene for both men and women, aged 16-22.

Hunter, has always kept an eye on the latest fashion trends, doing everything from studying television shows like What Not to Wear to working at her current job where she helps make decisions as to what espy will carry each season. She also offers services in “closet interventions” and “personal shopping” for customers.

NOTE: Answers have been edited for length and clarity

What makes Calgary’s fashion scene unique, when compared to other cities in Canada and Europe?

People in Calgary are more interested in prints, colours and fun accessories than somewhere like Vancouver where people tend to wear whatever is comfortable. People here also seem to be more interested in being unique and finding what is their own style, what they like and what makes them look good.

What are some of the popular fall fashion trends for men and women, aged 16 -to -22- years old?

The colour orange is popping up in many pieces of clothing this fall. Coloured and/or printed denim is also going to be popular in women’s fashion this fall.

Photo courtesy of Liz-Flickr.comColour- wise, in both the men and women’s fashion, there is a lot of cenia orange, teal and white. And as far as neutral colours go, in a lot of cases, charcoal and slate are taking the place of a lot of black and brown for both men and women, because they are more modern neutral colours.

On the print side of things, you’ll see leopard, pinstripes, plaid and even some polka-dots becoming popular for women. With men, you’ll see a lot of plaid, but it will be used in different ways than it has in the past. This fall, you’ll be seeing it start to appear in small details of outerwear and in cuffs.

Printed denim is still very popular in women’s fashion, with burgundy denim being one of the top picks for men.

Accessory wise, pointed toe flats for women and on the men’s side, big, chunky statement scarfs.

Is there one piece of clothing or accessory this fall, which will look good on everyone?

On the women’s side, I know a lot of women are still a little scared of printed denim, but there are many prints out there that will flatter different types of figures. Every woman should have at least one pair of printed denim.

And for guys, a tailored, fitted waistcoat (vest). It’s the one piece of clothing that every guy should have because it can really streamline your outfit. But you have to be careful and have it fitted correctly.

What are some things that people can do to make sure they look their best?

Waistcoats (vest) with jeans and a collared shirt will be a popular look for men this coming fall.

Photo courtesy of Amsterdam Museum-flickr.comIt’s all about fit. Make sure you’re getting clothes that fit you correctly. And if you love a something, but it just isn’t fitting, don’t be afraid to get it tailored because you are going to wear that piece that much more.

Also pick one trend for fall and try to incorporate it in some way – even if it is a small way. You can still be fashion forward and have fun without going crazy with the trend.

If you had $500 to spend on an outfit, what would be the perfect outfit for fall be?

For women, a pair of printed or colour denim, an over-sized, neutral coloured sweater (cream or grey) that goes just past your hips, a pair of pointed toe flats and, lastly, accessorize the outfit with a scarf or something like that.

For men, a fitted waistcoat (vest), a collared shirt, coloured denim (recommendation, burgundy), a blazer and a scarf over top.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to people for are venturing out in the coming weeks for fall and back-to-school shopping?

When you’re choosing new items to add to your wardrobe this fall, keep in mind how they will work with things that you already have. For example, if you buy a new printed denim, try and think of whether you have two-to-three options to go with it.

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