You may listen to one song while stranded. What song would you choose, and why?


Bruce Jackman: It’s a Wonderful Life because it usually is for me.
Larry Heather: Man Gave Names to All The Animals, by Bob Dylan. A humorous song with a profound message, man is given a dominion mandate to define the creation (yes, even the snake!) and exercise stewardship for God’s glory and man’s temporal benefit.
Norm Perrault: That baseball song by Kenny Rogers. There are two types of music, country and western.

Ward 1

Chris Harper: Don’t Stop Believin’, by Journey.

Ward 2

Bernie Dowhan: I would listen to Beautiful Day, by U2. It is uplifting, motivating and inspirational.

Ward 3

No response.

Ward 4

Yuri Shterngartz: Oh, this sort of negates the previous response (of bringing an iPod for music). I would choose Indian Sunset, by Elton John. I would choose that song because it’s very dynamic throughout and reflects a multitude of human emotions.

Ward 5

Bev Hearn: The one song I would listen to is American Pie, by Don McLean. It brought back fond memories of high school.

Ward 6

Bob Bowles: Tomorrow Never Knows, by The Beatles. Modern classic.
Joe Connelly: Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, by the Counting Crows. It’s good beat and easy to dance to.
Richard Pootmans: Anything by The Beatles.

Ward 7

Kevin Taylor: Don’t Worry Be Happy, by Bob Marley because a dear friend, Jose Neto, sang it to students after his accident.

Ward 8

Ian Newman: Hmm. The one song that always manages to get me into full air guitar mode is Spaceship Superstar, by Prism. And if I am stuck on an island I sense a bit of air guitar coming on.

Ward 9

Darwin Lahue: Africa, by Toto. I could listen to that song on repeat for a couple weeks and still not get bored with it.
Jordan Katz: Con te Partiro, by Andrea Bocelli because every time I listen to it I feel more alive.

Ward 10

Nargis Dossa: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, by The Beatles just because it’s stuck in my head!

Ward 11

Brian Pincott: Well, I have the thousands in my iPod that I brought with me, but I would choose Impossible Germany, by Wilco. Great, hopeful lyrics and a soaring building guitar solo! The whole song just builds beautifully.
James Maxim: Let It Be, by The Beatles because if I am stranded, I will have to make the best of it!

Ward 12

Stephanie Kusie: New Song, by Howard Jones has had great appeal to me throughout the campaign. It speaks of progress and new ideas. Ironically, a train (LRT) is featured in the video.

Ward 13

Adam Frisch: Chiquitita, by ABBA. The song is of someone who feels lost but realizes there is always hope for something better to come. One just has to keep on believing. It’s really a song of hope.

Ward 14

Shawn Kao: Don’t Stop Believin’, by Journey. It is impossible to listen to this song without singing along and playing air guitar, great for exercise.

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