A visitor of your choice will parachute in and visit for one day. Who would you invite, and why? Note this cannot be a family member or friend.


Bruce Jackman: Prince William.
Larry Heather: Lord Christopher Monckton, British advisor to Margaret Thatcher to devise a vision casting document for Calgary titled, Imagine Calgary: Without Phony Climate Change Posers and Policies. And parachute him from a WestJet 737-800 with jet fuel sourced from the Alberta oil sands.
Norm Perrault: My grandpa because he didn’t have much education but was the smartest man I ever knew.

Ward 1

Chris Harper: William Shatner. Hours of entertainment… then I guess he could swim home.

Ward 2

Bernie Dowhan: I would invite Muhammad Ali. He is inspiring and entertaining. Getting some boxing tips would also be ideal.

Ward 3

No response.

Ward 4

Yuri Shterngartz: I would choose myself – from the future: telling me all the survival mistakes I made, while on the island – this would greatly improve my creature comforts while there. If that is not allowed then I would like the guy from Man vs. Wild – having his skills at the ready would greatly increase my ability to thrive there.

Ward 5

Bev Hearn: The one visitor I would bring in would be Dr. Phil. He could give me some life lessons….

Ward 6

Bob Bowles: Jesus Christ… simply the most interesting man to ever walk the earth.
Joe Connelly: Arthur Robinson, former President and PM of Trinidad and Tobago. When a gun was held to his head on TV, he defied his captors and put his life on the line for what he believed.
Richard Pootmans: A top chef since we could be starving!

Ward 7

Kevin Taylor: Mayor Nenshi, to discuss the future of Calgary.

Ward 8

Ian Newman: Malcolm Gladwell. Not sure I can explain why, but you only gave me one book so I had to choose an author. He has an interesting way of looking at things, I could listen to him talk for hours.

Ward 9

Darwin Lahue: I would invite the founder of Free the Children and Me to We, Craig Kielburger. We would discuss the positive change that comes when we invest in ourselves and each other.
Jordan Katz: Art Laffer who is a prominent economist who pioneered theories on how cutting taxes can stimulate the econmy and promote growth. It would be amazing to be able to pick his brain for a day.

Ward 10

Nargis Dossa: Andre Chabot (of course) to convince him to retire and give me a chance to bring in some fresh ideas, LOL!!!

Ward 11

Brian Pincott: Stephen Lewis: a passionate and diverse thinker with a great use of language. He would never run out of words.
James Maxim: My visitor of choice, after reading his 1000 page biography, would be Sir Winston Churchill. This is based on my interest and knowledge of this man. This conversation would be over a cigar and good brandy.

Ward 12

Stephanie Kusie: Joan of Arc. She had incredible courage and will. She was recognized and respected as a leader despite her physicalities. And of course, she was victorious.

Ward 13

Adam Frisch: Seeing as the Queen has already had practice sky jumping, would be nice to have a “cuppa” with her to hear how she really feels about things.

Ward 14

Shawn Kao: Mike Holmes. He seems like a good guy to hang with and he could also build me a shelter and some furniture.



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