While stranded, you find a treasure chest. What would you do with it upon your return to civilization?


Bruce Jackman: I will consult with Prince William to network in the return of the found treasure.
Larry Heather: Secure it for travel and make diligent effort to determine the ownership of the said treasure chest contents. If it happens to belong to the taxpayers of Calgary, to return it forthwith to the beleaguered empty pockets of the citizenry with haste before the next city council meeting.
Norm Perrault: I would use the money to kick start my inventions because my inventions will help mankind.

Ward 1

Chris Harper: If there was gold, I’d give a lot to charity and spend my years volunteering.

Ward 2

Bernie Dowhan: I would return the treasure chest to the rightful owner. If the rightful owner could not be found, I would donate it to one of two charities – KidSport or the CJay 92 Kids Fund.

Ward 3

No response.

Ward 4

Yuri Shterngartz: Although temped to keep it for myself, I would likely donate it to a museum – as treasure is fleeting, but it would be nicer to be acknowledged as having contributed something useful to society.

Ward 5

Bev Hearn: The treasure chest would take the place of a coffee table in my living room.

Ward 6

Bob Bowles: Cure for cancer.
Joe Connelly: If it contained $52 million, I’d return it to Calgary taxpayers.
Richard Pootmans: Find out who to give it back to.

Ward 7

Kevin Taylor: I would divide it among educational, non-profit and charitable organizations.

Ward 8

Ian Newman: Purchase a sailboat, retire and spend the rest of my days on the endless adventure of searching for the deserted island where this story began.

Ward 9

Darwin Lahue: Assuming it had Canadian currency, I would donate to various charities that are making a difference in the lives of others within Calgary, as well as personally help out family and friends. But on the off chance it had priceless artifacts I would donate it to museums, I believe in cherishing and learning from history.
Jordan Katz: I would keep some of the items as mementos of my experience, I would donate some to museums and I would sell some and donate the proceeds to some of the great groups my Rotary Club supports.

Ward 10

Nargis Dossa: Of course spend it all on family and some selected friends, not to mention have a few billboard signs with my ad to vote for me of course!!!

Ward 11

Brian Pincott: I would set up a foundation to help underfunded social service agencies that help serve marginalized families – a neglected sector in our city.
James Maxim: Finding a treasure chest full of jewels and artwork: I would donate it to a museum for all to enjoy the beauty of the treasure. If I could receive a token of “thank you” for finding and donating this treasure, I would accept a commemorative ring – it would be “my precious”!

Ward 12

Stephanie Kusie: I would open it before returning to civilization. I believe in Pandora’s Box that some things should be left untouched or behind. If of value to humanity, I would share it with the world.

Ward 13

Adam Frisch: I would likely want to divide it up and give it to a couple of the smaller women’s shelters. They do great work with very little so it would really help them.

Ward 14

Shawn Kao: I’d make sure that my family’s future was taken care of and then set up a charity to give back to society.



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