speakerClasses centred on self-expression attracting large crowds


The Grasby Art Studio is quickly becoming a popular destination for discovering one’s inner artist.

Reporter Allison Drinnan visits the Grasby Art Studio in Bowness

The studio has been open for just over two years, and is located in the heart of the eclectic community of Bowness – right down the street from the quaint Cadence Coffee and Bowtown Music. The studio hosts a variety of classes for artists both young and old.

But owner Teresa Grasby says she knows that because her business is expanding, her current space is becoming too small.

“It’s a growing business,” Grasby says. “The goal is to let it grow and to expand mediums – but we need a bigger space.”

The walls of the studio are covered from top to bottom with a wide variety of creations. From glass work to oil paintings, the studio is a work of art in itself. There is one small storage closet in the corner that is slowly becoming buried under the pieces of art being produced in the studio.GrasbyIMAGEDotty the dog rests quietly while Sue Baldrey works on her pallet knife painting.
Photo by Allison Drinnan

Music plays lightly behind the buzz of conversation as everyone begins his or her work. Local Bowness resident and art student, Sue Baldrey, has brought her companion Dotty the dog, who relaxes next to her on the hardwood floor.

The studio offers an alternative to classes found in school, where the studio’s younger artists say they are not allowed to experiment or work at their own pace. They say they are often in large classes where it feels stressful.

The City of Calgary offers art classes as well, but Grasby says she has heard students say they are upwards of 30 people per class.

“It is a space where people can experiment,” Grasby says. “Often in the arts people don’t know their personal style. This gives them an opportunity to try different things.”


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