Nenshi celebrates victory before challenger Jon Lord concedes defeat

Incumbent mayor Naheed Nenshi was re-elected by a large margin in Monday's election

Calgary’s municipal election featured close races, some big upsets, and a nail-biter race that, as of publication time, was too close to call. However, the mayoral race played out as expected.

Over 200 of Mayor Naheed Nenshi’s purple-clad supporters gathered at the Metropolitan Centre downtown, clutching signs as results came in.

Within two hours of polls closing, the incumbent mayor cruised to an easy victory over Jon Lord and seven other contenders. Nenshi was rushed onto the stage with family and friends as the clock neared 11 p.m.

A smiling Nenshi had to wait for chants of “Nenshi! Nenshi! Nenshi!” to subside before speaking to a room full of enthusiastic supporters including his extended family.

Jon Lord speaks to his supporters, saying “From day one, I felt the wind at my   back.”Jon Lord speaks to his supporters, saying “From day one, I felt the wind at my back.”

Photo by Pauline Zulueta

“We’ve been through a lot this year. We’ve been through an enormous amount in the last year, not just with the loss of my dad, but the ups and downs of public life. I want to say a particular thank you to my mom who’s here tonight.”

While Nenshi celebrated his victory, his rival Jon Lord refused to concede through the evening. Asked if he would run again in 2017, he replied, “You never lose if you never quit.”

Speaking to reporters and supporters at a pub in Marda Loop, Lord indicated he made it further in the race than many expected.

“Little old me, doing my bit for democracy. I will be laughed at and scorned as a fringe candidate, but since day one, I felt the wind at my back,” said Lord, adding his efforts ensured Nenshi wouldn’t simply be acclaimed. 

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