The One World Drum Co. hosts monthly event


Brightly coloured and moving wall displays light up the faces of Calgarians who have gathered for yet another drum circle.

The vibrations of nearly 50 drums can be felt all around the room. Each person has come for a different reason, yet they have all adapted the same beat.

The One World Drum Co. hosts these monthly drum circles in order to build community and to bring out the musical side of everyone.

Owner of the store, Roger Duncan, started the company years after being immersed in the music therapy scene in Calgary.

Produced by Bre Brezinski

“I went up to the Fanning Centre and I went to hospitals and I just kept bringing my drums and I got invited into schools and it kind of grew from there. Just opportunities that I was able to take advantage of,” said Duncan.DrumCircle2Owner of the specialty music school and store, Roger Duncan, notes that in the drum circle “everyone is equal, everybody has a voice, everybody has to listen.”

Photo taken by Bre Brezinski

Along with hosting the drum circles, One World Drum Co. is a specialty music school and store. The store sells everything from customized t-shirts to drums of every size.

Student of the school, Rhonda Meadows, comes to the drum circle with friends because it is “a very joyous place to be.”

“The camaraderie that you experience, the unity, just the feeling that the music gives you,” are among the many reasons as to why Meadows and others come back to the drum circle month after month.

The next drum circle will be held on Feb. 7, 2014 at The One World Drum Co. located at 131 61 Ave. S.E.

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