Alaina Nordal reflects on 25 years of dance

Nordal Dance Instructor

Alaina Nordal, co-owner of Kate’s Dance Academy, is not only a mentor for her students, but is also a dancer herself.

A former student of Kate’s Dance Academy, Nordal started dancing at the age of 12. After competing and performing for five years, she decided to make the move to teaching.

“I went from being a student, to a teacher, to a partner, to an owner,” Nordal said. “It’s been almost 25 years, so I’ve watched it grow.”

Now a professional dancer and instructor to about 300 students, Nordal said her students not only learn the art of dancing, but also life lessons.

“If two girls are fighting in class, why not talk about it?” Nordal said. “Why not talk about things and work through things? Everybody learns in the process.”

Although Nordal’s students said she can be a “demanding” teacher, Nordal said she works to create a safe and comfortable environment for her students, and hopes she can inspire them to continue dancing over the years.

“She is a pretty demanding teacher, but I wouldn’t expect anything else from her,” former student Nikita Sachar said. “I’ve learned so much.”

Kate Creaser, the current owner of Kate’s Dance Academy, is handing the studio over to Nordal, who said she plans on changing the name to Inspire Dance Arts.

Nordal said she is also planning to take her students to Walt Disney World in 2015 for the “Dance the Magic Program,” which gives the students the chance to perform in front of hundreds of people at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park.

Despite Nordal’s exciting future plans as owner, she said dancing is still a big part of her life.

“It’s my passion,” Nordal said. “It’s my job, it’s how I express myself, it’s frustrating, it’s annoying, it ages you, it’s everything – I love it.” |

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