Long track up-and-comer becomes a national hero


Olympic speed skater Gilmore Junio is being praised for the race he did not skate earlier today. Despite spending years preparing, Junio forfeited his position to allow teammate Denny Morrison to compete in the 1,000-metre event.

Though Junio placed 10th in the 500-metre event on Monday, his Olympic debut had promised him one more shot at the podium. However, he said via press release that he thought it was in the best interest of the team if Morrison raced his next event.

Despite leaving Sochi without a medal, making it to the Sochi Olympic Games was a victory all the same after Junio overcame a devastating injury four years ago.

He broke his back in two places while competing in a short track speed skating event. For more on Junio’s comeback from a broken back, watch Calgary Journal reporter Haley Anderson’s story, recorded shortly before he left for Sochi.

Shortly after the injury, Junio decided to transition into long track speed skating because it was said to be a safer way to train.

“As far as mentors go I really look up to Denny Morrison,” said Junio earlier this month. “Since day one I’ve been trying to chase (him). (He’s) changed the way I look at skating.”

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