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Do you get a migraine first thing in the morning from looking into your closet and thinking, “I have nothing to wear!?”

You are not alone and there is a solution.

It’s 7 a.m. You’re up and showered. You’re staring into your closet and have no idea where to begin to get dressed.

Fashion blogs is one thing you can use to get inspiration to put together an outfit with what can be found in your closet.

Fashion bloggers do not dress like the women of fashion week, whose style may closely resemble Lady Gaga’s wardrobe. Fashion bloggers are everyday “fashionistas” who spread inspiration to those looking for an everyday outfit to wear.

Ania Boniecka, known as “ania.B“, is a top fashion blogger in the Calgary market. The 27-year-old’s blog,, speaks mainly to a female demographic of 13- to 30-year-olds.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Boniecka uploads pictures showing her viewers how to mix and match brand names from places such as TopShop, Zara, or H&M to create everyday outfits.

Boniecka stated in an email that she loves to blog about fashion because she gets excited about what she is wearing that day and wants to share it.

With spring in mind, Boniecka did a blog post that featured her in the fashion forward floral pyjama playsuit from TopShop. This mint-coloured-polyester-tailored playsuit with a pink and green floral pattern is a great one-piece jumpsuit.

Boniecka’s blog post advocated that a floral playsuit is a great addition to a closet for spring and summer because it’s easy to throw on and women always look great in it.

Photo1 copy copyLocal fashion blogger Ania Boniecka is an ambassador for TopShop by promoting and marketing various items on sale in the store. Here is Boniecka promoting Isaac Mizrahi Kleenex boxes.

Photo courtesy by Tyler Stralman.  Photo has been edited by Boniecka and Stralman

Some Calgary fashion bloggers do receive help from popular well-priced brands. When bloggers style their outfits with brands like TopShop, Zara, and Urban Outfitters they are also showing people there is a way to wear an attractive outfit at an affordable price.

When TopShop opened a location in Calgary in November at Chinook Centre, Stephanie Hoff, the senior manager of events and marketing, joined forces with Boniecka to market and expand the store’s brands.

TopShop is a multinational British retail company that specializes in clothing, shoes, accessories, and makeup.

The partnership gives a blogger like Boniecka a fantastic wardrobe. How could she say no to a pair of Moto mom jeans and a crop top that could bring out your inner Madonna?

According to Hoff, TopShop is looking for bloggers who “represent the vibe of the city.”

Boniecka’s pale-skinned, six feet tall, model-like figure — and medium-length brown hair — gives her a natural and effortless girl-next-door look. When her viewers see this blogger look amazing in basic denim jeans and a black tee they want to copy her look because she looks effortlessly fashionable.

TopShop also offers men’s wear through TopMan. Calgary fashion blogger Paul Schneider is in partnership with TopMan.

Fashion blogging to Schneider, 19, is all about bravery. Not braver as in taking a shot of hot sauce, but bravery as in having the confidence to showcase who you are and what you like to wear.

What Schneider does is not easy. His ability to mastermind pattern clashing by pairing tartan pants with a printed top is a spiced up romance with fashion.

Schneider posted a fantastic outfit that included a mix of neutral colors, textures, and patterns. As part of a Feb. 7 posting on, Schneider showcased an outfit that was basic but had depth. By layering an olive green knit crewneck sweater from Zara over a white and black printed blouse, he gave this outfit some extra zing. He then paired it with a neutral black American Apparel trouser and a black Zara loafer, which gave this look an easy to master tone.

Photo2Local fashion blogger Paul Schneider modeling his outfit during his “Rooftop View” blog post on Feb. 7.  

Photo courtesy of Brittany Nickerson.Schneider has a strong working relationship with fellow blogger Boniecka, helping Schneider become an ambassador for TopMan.

“She helped me with TopMan, helped shoot some early looks to give me better photos and she constantly gives amazing advice and support,” Schneider says.

Caroyln McAdam is one of those Calgarians who relies on fashion blogs.

To McAdam, fashion blogs are the best way to get inspiration on what to wear.

“They are a way for me to look at outfits but incorporate my own style into it.”

McAdam admires the way blogger Sincerely Jules can pair navy blue with black — for example, pairing a J Brand navy blue blouse with 3.1 Phillip Lim leather pants.

“Her matching of dark blue and leather made me just love that combination,” McAdam says. “I would pair a baggy navy sweater with leather leggings, or black leggings, and leather boots, bag, or coat.”

According to Lisa Wade — associate professor and chair of the sociology department at Occidental College in Los Angeles — fashion blogging is challenging narrow-minded and stereotypical ideas about beauty.

Wade says everyone’s body, skin, colour, and age should be seen as beautiful, and fashion bloggers, including Boniecka and Schneider, are promoting that kind of sensibility. 

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