Intercultural foundations invite Calgarians to dine for peace

Seminars and a charity dinner will take place from Aug. 9-17, with the goal of helping Calgarians to live a sustainable life.

This City of Harmony Project, the first of its kind in Calgary, is a stepping stone for the Intercultural Dialogue Institute to help bring awareness into communities.

Malik Moradov, executive director of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI), says this initiative is important because it promotes a positive message.

“There are so many conflicts in the world, even here in Calgary,” says Moradov. “What we are trying to do is to bring peace and harmony to people by helping them understand different cultures and types of people.”

Through the support of local partners such as the Centre for Harmonious Coexistence, the Calgary Centre for Global Community, Initiatives of Change Canada and the University of Calgary Community Garden among others, the IDI will host various workshops to improve participants’ lives.

Some of the workshop topics include:

  • A Wholistic Approach to Sustainable Living  

  • Food in relation to sustainable energy

  • Contemporary Global Citizenship

  • Learning Parks: Creating peaceful public spaces                                                           

The workshops held over the week will be at various locations across the city. There is a $25 fee, however this allows people to attend one workshop or the whole week. The workshop on Aug. 14 will focus on community building, followed by a complementary dinner in the evening. The dinner is available for all those who register for it.

For more information on registering for workshops and for a full list of topics, speakers, times and event locations visit: 

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