These fashion experts provide guidance and inspiration on styling outfits for any activity

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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but it seems like you have nothing to wear?

Hiring a personal shopper can help get your foot in the right direction for a strong first impression with friends, coworkers or future employers, with one fashionable Calgarian, Wendy McAllister, suggesting you “can’t afford not to.”

McAllister, founder of an interior design company, says if you ask anyone at her work place, “They would definitely say it’s been a dramatic change in how I dress — I feel more confident.

“There is one girl that asks her self — ‘I wonder what Wendy would wear’ — which is strange to hear. That wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.”

McAllister uses one of Calgary’s best-known personal shoppers, Phaedra Godchild.

“I love what I do,” Godchild says.

Godchild has been working for the personal shopping company Styleista since May 2013.

Godchild’s unique job is to advise women and men on styling outfits for any activity. Lauren6Lauren Larsen in Modern Menswear store on 4th St. S.W. looking at clothing lines for her male cliental.

Photo by: Savaya Shinkaruk

McAllister says: “She (Godchild) is very good at reading what your needs are and she’ll meet those and push you beyond your style. The thing about Phaedra is how comfortable she is to be around. She’s pushed me out of my limits and it’s been fabulous and I would never look back.”

Godchild is “All about you,” McAllister adds. 

The personal shopper experience begins with a wardrobe edit. This process starts by throwing out pieces in the client’s wardrobe that do not fit or are outdated.

Then, a personal shopper either goes shopping and purchases items the client needs to complete their wardrobe, or the two go shopping together.

When outfits have been selected, the client decides what they would like to purchase or return.

There are not only personal shoppers for women, but for men too.

Lauren Larsen, from Ensemble Style, is a personal shopper for men. Her company has been operating since Nov. 2013.

“I shop for brands depending on my client’s budget. For clients who don’t have an extremely high budget, I shop at Club Monaco. For medium budget clients, Leo Boutique, and for my higher end clients, I shop at Henry Singer.”

Her male cliental trusts her to give them a finished look that will create great first impressions.

Produced by Savaya Shinkurak 

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