Hoping to offer coffee in unique ways, purveyor of caffeine opens pop-up stands across Calgary


Jeremy Ho, Justin Afford and Ben Putt are the guys behind Monogram Coffee, a pop-up stand that can be relocated to any location, business or event where patrons might desire a cup of joe.

“We love the idea of a pop-up cart, it allows us to bring really good coffee into un-expecting places,” says Ho.

Serving coffee in an art gallery has a different feeling then just a regular coffee shop.

“It brings in different types of people into the gallery, and also showcases two different forms of art,” said Darcy Lundgren, owner of the DaDe Art Gallery.

The idea for Monogram sparked among the team, who worked together previously at Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters, where they learned valuable skills and knowledge to be able to operate in the industry. Ho and Putt are also three time win-ners of the Canadian National Barista Championships.

Produced by Devon Henry & Jesse Buchholz

Ho says the inspiration for being a barista and making quality coffee is easy to find, especially when looking at the social aspects of the business.

“(Inglewood) residents really embraced us and supported us, along with other busi-nesses as well.” Says Jeremy.

Monogram opened its own store in the Altadore community on December 6, where they’ve already received a significant amount of visitors. Previously, the building in which Monogram now operates was a community arts workshop. Paying homage to the location’s history, Ho says that in the future they hope to add an educational component to Monogram by having classes on tastings and barista courses.

“There’s so many parts I love about it,” says Ho. “I think at the end of the day, it’s sharing what you love about coffee and the actual coffee itself with other people.”

Monogram can be found at 4814 16th St. S.W. in Altadore and as always inside the DaDe art gallery in Inglewood, Tuesday through Sunday.

Check out their website http://www.dadeartanddesignlab.com/



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