Vancouver based band continue to shine with unique sound and upbeat stage presence

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Lovecoast has been captivating audiences since their conception in 2013.

With their debut EP Chasing Tides, produced by Juno-nominated Tom Dobrzanski of The Zolas, the April 8 release of the music video for the current single ‘Help You’ and a Western Canada tour wrapping up June 5, Lovecoast is bringing passion and energy to the stage.

The four bandmates — Danielle Sweeny on vocals, Andrew Fraser on bass, drummer Jesse McNeill, and guitarist Mike Clement — studied music together at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, B.C., but it wasn’t until post-graduation that the band decided to make music together.

“We all studied music there, so we’ve known each other for four or five years now,” says Sweeny in a phone interview. “We kind of just came together, it wasn’t something that we ever really planned.”

Besides a common love for music — each musician is classically trained in jazz —Sweeny says that the strong friendship within Lovecoast has been one of the most fortunate parts of their music journey.E lovecoast-10-of-59 0226095204287 16x9 620x350Lovecoast formed in 2013 is captivating audiences with West Coast inspired indie R&B/soul pop. The band will be touring Western Canada until June 8.

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“Having a creative outlet, to do this kind of stuff its nice that we all genuinely get along,” she says.

Lovecoast’s sound is a harmony of genres, creating what the band describes as West Coast inspired indie R&B/soul pop.

“We are influenced by those genres, so we take aspects of those genres and apply that to our writing process. So in general all of our songs equally borrow different genres, where we feel they fit best,” says bassist Fraser.

Following a top 10 regional spot on CBC’s Searchlight in 2014 and a spot on the World Ski & Snowboard Festival roster that same year, Lovecoast says the accomplishments have been gratifying and a testament to hard work.

“Even being in the top 10 for Searchlight has been cool. There are so many little things. Releasing our EP and touring Western Canada for now the second time,” Sweeny says. “I would say that all those little things have come together to make all those highlights.”

In fact the band raised more than $5,000 for their 2014 debut release Chasing Tides through donations raised via Indiegogo. In addition to fan support Lovecoast also received help from the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR), another accomplishment to be proud of.

“It was awesome. I mean I couldn’t believe it I thought it was surprising and also very humbling that there were that many people out there that were willing to help us get to where we wanted to get to accomplish what we wanted to accomplish,” McNeill says.

E LovecoastWesternTourPoster4.1Check out Lovecoast at The Palomino Steakhouse May 22.

Photo courtesy of LovecoastWith the track ‘Help You’ and a tour, which kicked off May 8 in Squamish, the band has added more stops this time around and learned a lot about life on the road.

Sweeny says touring is always a learning experience and this year the band is excited to be playing with other great bands they have met and better driving conditions doesn’t hurt.

“Road conditions, yeah, are a lot better. November was not the best. We probably won’t tour in November, at least not Western Canada,” jokes Sweeny. “This [tour] has definitely been a lot smoother than the first one”.

Lovecoast will be taking to the stage at The Palomino Smokehouse in Calgary on Friday, May 22.

“People can expect to see some well performed music, and they can expect to wanna dance their little butts off. Just to feel the good West Coast vibes that we like to bring to our performances,” says gutiarist Clement.

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Watch the Lovecoast ‘Help You’ music video directed by Knight Studio
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Listen to “Help You” and the rest of our Debut EP Chasing Tides

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