Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau begins first full day of campaigning in Calgary the day after election called

TrudeauThumbDeadmau5’s The Veldt blasted through the speakers of Liberal candidate Matt Grant’s campaign headquarters located at 922 Centre Street N. on Aug. 3, along with the cheers of many supporters of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Then, through a small opening created by the crowd of about 400 people squishing up against one another, the man everyone wanted to see stepped up to the podium. But first, he stopped to admire a mother holding her newborn baby who had a Liberal pin fastened to its onesie.

“Hello Calgary,” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said, greeting a crowd packed into a sweltering hot room in the Calgary Confederate riding.

 On what was the first full day of campaigning for all federal candidates, Trudeau was the first national candidate to come to Calgary, promising to be back in the province many more times before the election on Oct. 19.

TrudeauOn Aug. 3rd, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau reaches his hand out on his way to the podium at candidate Matt Grant’s campaign office in Calgary Confederation to greet a mother and her newborn baby.

Photo by Josie Lukey

His central message? “Real change,” as his podium sign indicated in both English and French.

“We can and must do better for Alberta and for Canada,” Trudeau said to a cheering crowd. “We need a new team and a new plan to grow this economy, and let me tell you my friends we have that team and plan. We have a better plan, we’ve built a better team and this year if we work hard we will give Canadians a better government.”

Focusing on the environment and the economy that Trudeau said runs “hand in hand” the candidate, dubbed in Conservative campaign television ads with having nice hair, laid out his vision for Canada.

Noting U.S. President Barack Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” announced earlier in the day targeting the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution, Trudeau said Canada is “certainly not in step” with our neighbour to the south.

“We are further than ever from a sensible policy to reduce carbon pollutions,” Trudeau said, “and the oil sands have become the scapegoat for climate change on the international stage.”

He also criticized current Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s bid to stay the course amidst what Trudeau claimed are churning markets and falling oil prices.

The Liberal leader proposes to change the current state of the economy by making wealthy Canadians pay more taxes and stalling government cheques to millionaires “just because they have children.”Trudeau2Trudeau made his appearance Aug. 3 at Calgary Confederate candidate Matt Grant’s (right) campaign headquarters.

Photo by Josie Lukey

While folded up Kleenexes were used to damp foreheads and sweat droplets fell down the sides of faces at the rally, the upbeat spirit of the crowd remained as Trudeau anticipated challenging NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Conservative Leader Harper.

“I look forward for opportunities to exchange with (Mulcair and Harper) and to meet with as many Canadians as possible across the country,” Trudeau said “I’m committed to doing politics in an open and responsible way, not just because it’s a style or approach, but because that’s what gives us better government.” 

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