A reporter hits the streets of downtown Calgary to find out what residents think about the upcoming federal election.

VOTECalgary Journal reporter Josie Lukey recently hit the streets of downtown Cowtown to figure out what Calgarians had to say about the 42nd Canadian federal election set for Oct. 19. At this early stage of the campaign, Lukey had three questions in mind to form a quasi census about what issues, if any, local citizens are thinking about and how they might vote.

 No last names were given, but the opinions of all Calgarians matter. The goal of the Calgary Journal is to stay on top of what this city’s citizens are thinking and talking about in regards to the election, so readers can educate themselves on the issues, while also getting diverse points of views.

Question #1: What kind of issues would you most like to see covered by political leaders during the next few weeks leading up to the election?

Kim: I think health care, education the socialist-type issues.VOTE Stephen-Harper-January-26-2012 copyPrime Minister of Canada
Stephen Harper
Leader of the Conservative Party

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Anna: Well I’m disabled, so something more for disabled people because sometimes there’s not enough for groceries. Like it’s enough for rent and all the bills but there’s not enough for groceries.

Colin: I haven’t really thought about it. No, I don’t follow politics at all. I leave it up to people who are more educated on it.

Gord: I would like to see the budget covered. I would like to see all the reforms on criminal law that they’ve tried to push through with the Conservatives before. I’d like to see the amendments to the common sense gun control legislation.

John: Reduced taxes, more for the middle class.

Chris: Energy issues, of course, transportation, pipelines. Everybody wants that, it’s good for the country.

Rich: Child support.

Tim: Health care, education.VOTE Thomas Mulcair copy copyThomas Mulcair
Leader of the New Democratic Party

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Question #2: With our provincial NDP government in place, do you think federally the NDPs have a better chance at gaining some ground in Alberta?

Kim: Yes, I hope so.

Anna & Lloyd: Well they just started so we have to give them more chances. They just started so they need more time to improve. I don’t know what they’re plans are. I don’t know.

Colin: I don’t know.

Gord: Hard to tell, I think it’s too early with the NDP for people to pass judgment on them, so I think people are willing to give them a bit of a shot. But I think probably the Liberals will edge them in Calgary or in Alberta.

John: Well, they’re leading the polls, so I’m thinking yeah.

Chris: Not likely.

Rich: No, I don’t think so.VOTE gilles copyGilles Duceppe
Leader of the Bloc Québécois

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Tim: I don’t think it will help them much. They haven’t done anything to really help their cause. They haven’t been too damaging but I don’t think they’ve done anything to help their cause at a federal level.

Question #3: Who do you think is going to win the election? And will it be with a majority or minority?

Kim: Anyone but Harper. I don’t think majority is a possibility, so as long as he’s not in charge anymore, I’m okay with whoever is in charge.

Anna: NDP.

Colin: I have no idea, I don’t follow politics at all.

Gord: I think it will be a Conservative minority.

John: As of right now it looks like the NDP is going to win either a minority or a small majority.

Chris: I think it might be a Conservative minority.VOTE trudeau copyJustin Trudeau
Leader of the Liberal Party

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Rich: What I think, it’ll probably be the PCs but I hope it’s the Liberals.

Tim: I’m going to say PC minority but maybe majority.


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