The Second Annual travelling carnival does more than entertain


Circle the Wagons is hosting its second annual travelling food, beer and music carnival in the city Sept. 12, this time at Pumphouse Park to raise money for the Sunalta Community Association.

From 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. (an hour later than last year), Calgarians of all ages (14 and under are free, general admission is $20 in advance and $25 at the door) can enjoy two stages of local and international bands and electronic music. Le Cirque de la Nuit, a local circus troupe filled with fire performers, aerialists and more, will also perform. Food trucks and vendors will also be available at the park located at 2140 Pumphouse Ave., S.W.

CTW2A performer at last year’s Circle The Wagon event in Marda Loop.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Allie KatBassBus, a local group of “creators, thinkers, and innovators who are passionate about events and creating a space for people to gather, connect, and have fun,” according to the website, came together last year with YYCFoodTrucks and Village Brewery, all very community-oriented organizations, to do something unique in the city that brought people together, while also leaving something behind. And we’re not talking about trash.

Baran Faber, a co-founder of Bass Bus, shared with the Calgary Journal that the first Circle the Wagons event last year, held in Marda Loop, was a huge success.

“The money raised went towards the Marda Loop Community Association,” he said. “So we’re working with the community and activating the community within the city. Not only just coming in and having a big event, but leaving something behind to hopefully carry on something forward, and leaving a cash donation that can go to the development of parks of other initiatives.”

Faber explained that community organizations “spend so much money on their own each year throwing events to do similar things. So when an organization like us . . . (comes) in and at no cost of them, but actually for them to receive money for having an event like that, is a huge bonus for a community association.” This year, proceeds will be going towards Sunalta Community Association.

The “travelling” part of the event refers to it moving to different communities every year. But in order to continue growing, Circle the Wagons has to remain easily accessible until it gets big enough to expand to communities outside of the downtown core.

CTW Poster for the 2015 Circle The Wagons event happening at Pumphouse Park on Sept 12.

Photo courtesy of Facebook“And that’s a big goal of ours, in future years to go to some of these communities that don’t see events like this happen,” added Faber. “Not only hold the event in the community, but also kind of have some reasons to try to get people in. As were pulling all these people into the community, also get them into the stores and shop around the area as well, so were putting in more and more initiatives like that.”

Faber also expressed how much they want entire families to join the fun. While adults are enjoying beverages and music, children can learn how to hula-hoop and tight-rope walk in circus school.

“We see a lot of events come and go and they almost do more damage than good,” added Faber. “In our world, BassBus is very in involved with electronic music and things like that, and we try to really shine a light on the positive side of it, and bridge the worlds between electronic music and bands and having families and kids and come together in one place. It’s really a nice thing to see.”

Besides teaming up with Le Cirque de la Nuit and now having two stages, also new this year will be bubble soccer games.

“Which will be hilarious,” said Faber. “The huge balls that a human goes into, and their legs are sticking out so they can still run around and play soccer, but they’re still encapsulated in these huge balls.”

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