International student shares employment views with man who experienced homelessness

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Through Their Eyes is a video series that examines federal election issues from the perspective of real people. We’ve paired Calgarians from different backgrounds to explain their points of view on the issues that matter to them. It’s not an interview or a debate, it’s a conversation, and the Calgary Journal invites you to join in.

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Randy Pages and Hanna Zavrazhyna sat down for tea in the second instalment of our series. 40-year-old Pages is a former demolition worker from Winnipeg who lived on the streets of Calgary for almost five years. He has now found a residence, but is still active in the poverty activism community. Pages works to raise awareness about how quickly homelessness can happen to anyone. 

Meanwhile, Hanna Zavrazhyna is originally from Ukraine, and has been in Canada for just over two years. She came here to study social work at the University of Calgary, and while she recently graduated, she is having trouble finding a job. As an international student, Zavrazhyna is unable to vote, but she is still keeping a close eye on the upcoming election. She is interested in Canada’s efforts to help her home country, and could relate to Pages on many issues, especially those related to employment opportunities.

Edited by Caroline Fyvie

Randy PagesAfter living on the streets of Calgary for nearly five years, Winnipeg native Randy Pages now raises awareness for homelessness issues. Photo by Masha Scheele.Hanna-ZavrazhynaAn international student from Ukraine, Hanna Zavrazhyna has trouble finding a job in her chosen field of social work. Photo by Skye Anderson.

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