Magic show and documentary pull through with help from Kickstarter campaign

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It started with a phone call. 

Carisa Hendrix was in the process of developing a sci-fi themed magic show called Temporala to perform for audiences in two years’ time. Then local company Pyramid Productions gave her the opportunity to create a documentary about the show and perform it on the Las Vegas strip. The catch? She needed to be ready in six months. 

Produced by Josie Lukey

“The first thing I did is went home and made a list of what I needed to accomplish, and who I could access in the arts community in Calgary who could help me accomplish that,” Hendrix says.

One of those people was Paul Bezaire a theatre prop builder who says tight deadlines are something he’s familiar with. Hendrix2Carisa Hendrix is best known for her fire-eating act, for which she set a Guinness World Record in 2014. Photo courtesy of Carisa Hendrix

“To build a completely finished show has been tight,” says Bezaire. “We’ve plugged away as best we can.”

As a stunt and circus performer as well as a magician, Carisa Hendrix’ background is filled with unusual dares such as fire eating, stilt walking, mind reading, and other ‘freak’ stunts. Performing in Las Vegas seemed to be the next challenge she would undertake.    

After many months of hard work from the committed team, one of the investors who was covering travel and accommodations pulled out as a result of a family tragedy. Hendrix decided to create a Kickstarter page in order to raise the remaining $6,000.

“There’s a song at the end of this show that makes me think of all that we’ve written in to the show and I’m going to cry,” says Hendrix. “I cry at the end of that song every time and I’m probably going to cry in the show on Vegas because I cant help myself — it just it means a lot to me.”

Additional music provided by Carisa Hendrix.

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