Calgary makeup artist shares her keys to realism after a decade in the business

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Angela McIntosh has been working as a professional makeup artist in the film and television industry for over a decade. A graduate of the Vancouver Film School, McIntosh learnt a great deal about the industry during her time there.

After moving back to Calgary after graduation, she has established a solid career as a freelance makeup artist. McIntosh has worked on a variety of successful projects, including AMC’s Hell on Wheels, CBC’s The Nature of Things, and HGTV’s Property Brothers. As with every job, there are certain challenges, but McIntosh values these experiences.

“The accomplishment after you get it done is amazing, and I have so much gratitude for that,” says McIntosh.

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She says every job is different when it comes to special effects and working as a freelancer, adding that she is “completely happy to not know what’s around the next corner.” McIntosh says she was excited to hear the third instalment of Hollywood blockbuster War for the Planet of the Apes will be coming to film soon, and she hopes she will be able to apply her skills on set.

In this video, McIntosh demonstrates the process of creating a third degree full thickness oil burn to the face.

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