Calgary pretzel artisan Robert Lowe shares his secrets

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9 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, and Robert Lowe has already been up for several hours. He works quickly, kneading dough while telling us about his pride and joy: Around The Bend.

“We’re usually here around 7 to start the dough, then my wife comes in to help do the rolling so it’s done quicker.”

This morning Lowes children are sitting in the shop, waiting for mom and dad to finish their prep work. They’re engrossed in cartoons while their parents work behind the counter like a well-oiled machine. Lowe lifts heavy trays of pretzels, while his wife ducks at the perfect moment.

When asked about his favourite pretzel type, Lowe laughs. He says that choosing his favourite type of pretzel would be like choosing his favourite child: an impossible task. MG 1910Calgary pretzel maker Robert Lowe makes dozens of different items at Around the Bend, and hopes it will add to the culture of Calgary. Photo by Chelsea Mutter

“I actually made up the menu, the entire menu is me. So if I don’t like it, it’s not going on the menu.”

Considering the different pretzels, sauces, side dishes, and sandwiches, Lowe says they offer over a million different combinations. The pretzels themselves range from savoury to sweet, and just like the rest of the menu, are made entirely in house.

Around The Bend was created entirely by Lowe, he built the place from the ground up. He says he doesn’t just want to create a thriving business, but a place that adds to the culture of Calgary.

“We do as much local as possible. And that’s actually our goal, down the road as we get a little bigger, to get everything sourced locally.”

Lowe believes Around The Bend is more than “just a pretzel shop”. He’s hoping the store will grow to become a local hotspot. The shop is bright yellow and blue, and the mid morning sunlight highlights the freshly made pretzels.

Around The Bend is located at 1221 Canyon Meadows Dr SE #3, Calgary, AB T2J 6G2.

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