Wrinkles in Love is a three-episode podcast produced by three young journalists wanting to know:

What makes love last?

The stories explore different bends in the road and show how love is a journey, regardless of age. Wrinkles in Love features three couples who tell stories of love, loss and wisdom gained throughout life’s twists and turns.

Birdie and Frank Archer, married for 62 years, have no shortage of wisdom to share on love; the most important insight being that trials will always challenge your relationship, but getting through struggles with grace is key.

“We got married for life, not for lunch,” says Birdie Archer. 

The second episode deals with one of love’s most tragic trials — loss.

Marliyn Amy TuckerMarilyn Hnatuk admires a portrait of her late husband, David Hnatuk. Prior to his death, the couple worked together, played together, and most importantly, loved together. Photo by Amy Tucker

Marilyn Hnatuk shares her love story of how her high school self was wooed by a 16-year-old farm boy while horseback riding in the Saskatchewan prairies, and later, how she treasures every moment they spent together.

“We spent more time together than any other couple since we worked together, and for that I am grateful,” says Hnatuck.

The final episode explores how true love can be found later in life and how overcoming personal struggles can make love stronger.

Favels Mary YohannesDiane and George Favel outside of their cozy mobile home in NW Calgary. True love didn’t find them until later in life. Thirty years together has been worth the wait. Photo by Mary Yohannes

Diane and George Favel who, yes, have certainly had a few bumps along the way finally found one another.

“With him, it’s so low key,” says Diane, who prior to meeting George, had been searching for someone she could truly get along with.

The Favels used their own pasts as a guide for what to look for in their next partner. They have been together for 30 years now, so it would seem they have cracked the code to a happy marriage.

These are their love stories. 

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