Liane Angerman discovered her passion for writing when she was a young girl. But despite writing a novel, Angerman now struggles to carve out time to feed her appetite after starting her own business, Perfect Executive Resumes where she writes client contracts and helps people find their dream jobs. She now aims to find time to write and is in the process of writing an erotic thriller.

Angerman carried her enthusiasm for writing into her adult life, “In my mind I’ve always been a writer. Once I got into school and could write more it just rolled into a lifelong passion of writing.”

AngermanLiane Angerman said she’ll feel fulfilled as a writer once she carves out time to get her erotic thriller published. Photo by Monique LaBossiere

In 2006, Angerman channelled her affection for writing into creating her first novel, Season of Haze. She felt it was necessary to raise awareness and expose bullying that occurs regularly on school properties across Canada. Angerman was inspired by the lack of communication on bullying after hearing of some of the initiation stories from her sister’s boyfriend of the time — he was a player for the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League team, the Nipawin Hawks.

“Some of the things I heard about for initiations were very similar to that of the college level,” says Angerman. As a result, she aimed to create a novel to shed light on the problems of bullying in children’s everyday lives.

However, since writing Season of Haze, Angerman has become distracted from her creative writing after launching Perfect Executive Resumes.

“In my mind I’ve always been a writer. Once I got into school and could write more it just rolled into a lifelong passion of writin.” – Angerman

“I would love to do more creative writing because that’s what feeds me, but right now I’m doing a lot more technical writing, business writing, those sorts of things that are paying me really well but detracting me from creative writing,” says Angerman.

Angerman craves time for her writing, but finds it difficult when trying to balance her professional life with her passions. “Driving your own business comes with challenges. Once you’ve committed to a timeline for a client, you have to continually resort your agenda to accommodate your commitment.”

Despite being exceedingly busy, Angerman has found the time to begin writing her next novel — an erotic thriller with undertones of illicit romance.

“Genre choices for me must tie into both what is marketable as well as what I feel I can contribute to the genre. This genre is not supersaturated, and thus I feel I can contribute to it effectively as a Canadian author.”

Finding time 

However, the time to write is not always accessible, and Angerman admits it is not always easy to feel inspired to write.

“I don’t always feel creative, but knowing that most writers feel this way is comforting. In order to complete my creative work, I often have to book that day off to keep the content fluid and vibrant, or take time away from the office. For me, the Sonoran Desert in Arizona is a fertile environment for my creativity.”

Regardless of the challenges of having to find time to write in her busy schedule, Angerman believes she’s progressing into a space where she can further her creative writing.

“I would say I’m moving into a really good space. But to really be fulfilled as a writer I’ll have published that thriller.”

Angerman has recently cinched the storyline of the thriller and hopes to complete the novel by the end of 2017.

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