MRU Improvination helps students shake some stress off their backs through weekly club meetings. Produced by Mackenzie Jaquish

A study by Statistics Canada shows a 72 per cent growth in overall stress in university students from 2011 to 2014. But members of the Mount Royal University’s (MRU) improv group, MRU Improvination, aren’t letting stress get to them.

The group meets once weekly to work on their improv skills, but mostly to have fun and let go of any added stress they may be carrying. Kathleen Jessiman, an executive member, knows this to be true based on her experiences.

“There have been times where I have been crazy busy with projects and I have still found the time to go to improv; just because of how important it is to me and I know there is a lot of other people like that as well.”

Improv1Kathleen Jessiman watches her club perform a scene on Jan. 26 as she waits to give further instructions. Jessiman says she wanted to get involved because it helps her deal with the stress of school and takes her mind off outside pressures. Photo by Mackenzie Jaquish

Member Evan Machacek agrees with Jessiman, adding that for him goofing around once a week has helped him become the person he’s always wanted to be.

“The biggest thing would [is] being able to be myself … I can be an idiot around here and not care. Most other places you have to act professional.”

MRU Improvination is always open to accepting news members, to get in touch with them, check out their Facebook page.

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