Selena Cantafio always wanted her own scrapbooking store but rent was too expensive. After working at the Crowfoot location of Scrapendipity she was eventually able to attain her dream and buy her mobile scrapbooking van. Now, Cantafio drives her van to small communities across Alberta spreading the joy she finds in scrapbooking. Produced by Cassandra Jamieson

Selena Cantafio has always wanted a Scrapbooking store of her own. After struggling to find a place with affordable rent she finally achieved her dream when she bought her mobile scrapbooking store. 

After having worked at the Crowfoot location, Cantafio finally has her own store which is a mobile version much like the old book-mobile’s many of us remember as children. She drives her truck around Alberta taking her scrapbooking supplies to small communities across the province.

“It’s really not a job it’s kind of fun because I get to go where people are always happy to see the truck, they’re crafting, it just gets my bug going to want to go home and craft after.” says Cantafio.

There are a number of different types of scrapbooking Cantafio likes to do. Traditional scrapbooking which is taking 12×12 paper and surrounding your photos with paper and embellishments and there is pocket scrapbooking where photos and images are slipped into little pockets within the book, there is also options for smaller 8×8 scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking.

“I love it! This is my happy place, I absolutely love everything that we’ve done. The customers love it and it’s a great place to teach and my classroom is awesome. Yeah, I love it.” says Cantafio.

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