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You have a friend coming to Calgary who has never visited the city before. What restaurant would you take them to and why?

Cam Khan: I will take them to the Calgary city tower restaurant, As he will enjoy the whole beautiful Calgary city view and enjoy the food as well.

Cole Christensen: Notable in Montgomery because it offers authentic Alberta cuisine (including our world-class beef).

Coral Bliss Taylor: White Rose, in Bowness. It’s an exciting newer restaurant on historic main street Bowness. I’m proud of what Ward 1 has to offer!

Ward Sutherland: I would have to know which of my friends were coming.  Are they vegan, vegetarian, raw foodie, celiac, lactose intolerant, or have any other food sensitivities or restrictions? Having determined that I would generally choose a restaurant in Ward 1, where there are many restaurants representing the good food Calgary has to offer.

You are inviting several friends to join you for dinner. Two live on the outskirts of the city and their car is out of service. They must travel 20 km to reach the restaurant and they’ve asked you for advice about the best way to get there. What would you recommend and why?

Cam Khan: I will go and pick them, because they are my friends and I love their presence at the dinner and their car is out of order, so this is my responsibility to help them out.

Cole Christensen: I would advise them to take Calgary Transit (the bus).

Coral Bliss Taylor: I will go get them. I’m community minded, and a helper by nature. Plus, they’re my friends, so I want more time with them! Not to mention that transit can be difficult from the outskirts, especially during off-peak hours. Car to go wouldn’t extend there, and cabs are expensive.

Ward Sutherland: Generally I would feel responsible for their ability to come to dinner. Weather in Calgary is so unpredictable and can change in minutes so my answer would vary depending on whether it was snowing, raining, hailing, or hot as blazes.

You arrive at the restaurant, and first course arrives. You notice one of your friends is double-dipping in the shared appetizer. How do you react?

Cam Khan: No problem, let him enjoy as he like, I don’t like when somebody pick some minor things on other people.

Cole Christensen: With horror.

Coral Bliss Taylor: No problem, get in there.

Ward Sutherland: I wouldn’t react. This was featured in a Seinfeld episode, but also in Myth Busters where it was shown not to cause any risk.

The main course has arrived and the conversation has turned to politics, specifically secondary suites. Your good friend tells the table he has been fighting to convert his basement to a secondary suite but has been caught up in red tape at city hall. He then confesses he’s renting it out despite it being illegal. Will you report it? Why or why not?

Cam Khan: I will raise a motion to make secondary suite legal for renting, it will boost our city’s economy and city’s densification is good for greener cities and environment.

Cole Christensen: No. I’ve lived in an illegal suite when it was my family’s only option for affordable housing. I am not the only person who has faced that circumstance. Our existing secondary suite process needs to be reformed for exactly this reason, it drives landlords/tenants underground.

Coral Bliss Taylor: None of my friends would do that.

Ward Sutherland: While he spoke to the table, nature called and unfortunately I had stepped out so wasn’t aware of the conversation.

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