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You have a friend coming to Calgary who has never visited the city before. What restaurant would you take them to and why?

Adam Boechler: La Vienna. Old school hole in the wall pasta restaurant that is absolutely delicious.

Adam W Frisch: The Sauce. The food is amazing and I have always had great service.  What better way to show someone what Calgary has to offer; good ambiance, good food and great service.

Diane Marie Colley-Urquhart: Sushi Zipang. Exquisite fish and preparation. I love hot sake.

Mark Dyrholm: Vintage Chophouse, for Alberta beef for a true Alberta experience.

You are inviting several friends to join you for dinner. Two live on the outskirts of the city and their car is out of service. They must travel 20 km to reach the restaurant and they’ve asked you for advice about the best way to get there. What would you recommend and why?

Adam Boechler: I would either go pick them up or organize with one of my several friends to grab them.

Adam W Frisch: The restaurant is only a few blocks away from the LRT station in the West side.   A quick bus ride to the nearest LRT station then a 2 block walk. Very convenient.

Diane Marie Colley-Urquhart: All of us would carpool out to our friends place out of town with the intention of staying overnight and going for a hike the next day.  We would be packed up with amazing items from the Italian Centre on Southland Drive such as cheeses, breads, pasta, short ribs, cold cuts, homemade pastries from the bakery for breakfast. We would stop at Willow Park Wine and Spirits to pick up some glorious Italian red wine and of course a couple bottles of Prosecco for toasting.  

Mark Dyrholm: I would recommend taxi to the LRT and LRT to the venue. The LRT is the fastest way across town and walking distance to the restaurant.

You arrive at the restaurant, and first course arrives. You notice one of your friends is double-dipping in the shared appetizer. How do you react?

Adam Boechler: Depends on how good of friends. A good friend, I bust their chops but still share the dip.  If more of an acquaintance, I let it go and avoid the dip and talk to my wife about it after.  

Adam W Frisch: I carry on as normal. It wouldn’t be the first time that we would have shared an appetizer.

Diane Marie Colley-Urquhart: I would order a couple more of the appetizer and put it on their bill.

Mark Dyrholm: I have great relationships and communications with my friends, I would simply address it and move on.

The main course has arrived and the conversation has turned to politics, specifically secondary suites. Your good friend tells the table he has been fighting to convert his basement to a secondary suite but has been caught up in red tape at city hall. He then confesses he’s renting it out despite it being illegal. Will you report it? Why or why not?

Adam Boechler: Nope. This is a normal story in our City.

Adam W Frisch: I wouldn’t report it but would encourage him to carry on with the process if there are no special circumstances that would otherwise prevent him from being granted permission. The majority of all applications have been approved by Council, so see it through the end to ensure the suite is legal and his tenants are living in a safe environment.

Diane Marie Colley-Urquhart: I would have a duty to report it once knowing.

Mark Dyrholm: I will address the red tape so that this scenario would never happen.  This is the damage over governance does.

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