A Calgary based arts-group, cSPACE, celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Alberta Culture Days with the grand opening of their King Edward building, where artists are coming together to create and collaborate in a dedicated cultural space.

Jess Brousseau and Ian Martin from Feast Letterpress operate a small studio in the very top corner of the building, where they create custom prints with a foot treadle press. A graphic design graduate from Alberta College of Art and Design, Brousseau says the pair met in Tasmania, where they also got the inspiration for the old-style press.

Their path weaved them through a couple different places until they found a home at cSPACE King Edward, but not without some persistence. According to Brousseau, they snatched the last studio in the building.

cecile albi

Cecile Albi stands alongside her work in a corner studio of the building. She says that when a showcase is not on, this room is a full fledged studio and she’s hard at work on another piece. Photo by Thomas Bogda

“It’s incredible to be in a space that’s been crafted for exactly what we’re doing,” says Brousseau. “Everything down to all the little details just facilitates a really open and collaborative space.”

“Everyday we come into work, there’s just other people being creative and doing things that are really inspiring.”

Shona Rae, a prominent local goldsmith artist, echoes the statement. She says she wanted to get more involved in the public space with her art, where others could drop in. She’s already been making friends and collaborating, calling the experience a “dream come true.”

“I signed as long a lease as they would let me, and I don’t intent to go anywhere for a long time,” says Rae.


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