On a warm October morning a donation to the Alberta Children’s Hospital is in preparation from an unexpected group of donors.  

The Calgary Cannabis Club (CCC) set up a garage sale in the southeast at the Forest Heights Community Association.

Volunteers from the  southeast community and members of the CCC joined together to sell personal items and donated merchandise. Club affiliates donated 100 per cent of money raised while  voluntary vendors from the club were asked to give a minimum of 25 per cent of their proceeds.

One member of the club, Darrin Rogowski, believes throwing a garage sale for the children’s hospital will help diminish the current “lazy stoner” reputation.

“It just helps let people know about us, and shows people that we’re not bad people for smoking weed… we want to help the community by doing charitable work,” he said.

John Ferrier, a founding member of the CCC  is confident that lending a hand to the community will open people’s minds.   

“Doing this gets us out into the community and shows that we’re a good force, rather than a bad force.”

The Alberta Children’s Hospital was chosen as their charity unanimously by the club members according to Ferrier. “It was left up to a vote by the members, and basically that’s where people wanted the money to go to. It’s funny because as the Calgary Cannabis Club we can’t really reach out to children in a way that we would like to, so this is a good way to give back to kids.”

Ironically, the club raised $420 with some extra help from the members.

The Cannabis Club will continue their charitable work on behalf of the Alberta Children’s Hospital, and are seeking other opportunities to help different local charities. Along the way, Ferrier and his fellow cannabis members hope to debunk the stigma against marijuana users.   


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