The ancient practice of meditation is alive and well, even in all the hustle and bustle of downtown corporate Calgary.

The ancient practice of mindfulness and meditation in Calgary. Produced by Cassandra Woods.

One of the people making this happen is meditation instructor Matthew Keleman. He works with the mobile meditation studio, Modern and Mindful, that aims to bring the ancient practice of meditation to corporate clients.

He says that while some of his clients are initially skeptical, the overall reception is overwhelmingly positive.

“In the corporate world when you have the opportunity to take 30 minutes, whether it’s called mindfulness or meditation or even just a break, it’s welcome in a particular way, I’ve noticed” He says. “People get into it and it becomes a part of the day that they look forward to.”

Sister-in-laws Lisa James and Sarah Webb started the company after experiencing the benefits of meditation in their own lives.

But Modern and Mindful isn’t the only secular form of meditation in Calgary.

Float therapy, or assisted meditation through sensory deprivation pods is another up-and-coming form of meditation that’s seeing a rise in popularity in Calgary.

Co-owner of Soul Float Shannon Vander Meulen says that when it comes to float therapy, there is no typical client. It is enjoyed by both men and women of all age groups.

“Sometimes the people who have the most reservation, who are the most concerned about being claustrophobic or about the purity of the water, or even just about being alone with themselves and their own thoughts for an entire hour are the ones that get the most out of it,” she says.

Float therapy works by blocking out the sensory input that may distract us from the meditation experience. A lack of sound and light coupled with the complete support of the water make it easier to get into a deeply relaxed or meditative state.

And of course, with any type of meditation, that ability to relax carries over into daily life.

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