Despite a shivery, rainy night on Nov. 18, Stampeder fans and players were warm and cheerful after the Calgary Stampeders’ defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bomber, 22-14 at McMahon Stadium, which will take them to the 106th Grey Cup final.

Calgarian Malcolm Walker and his wife Denise have been attending Stampeders games since 1960.

“Denise was actually the babysitter for one of the quarterbacks at that time,” says Malcolm Walker.

walkers 2018WEBCalgarians Malcolm and Denise Walker have been going to Stampeders games for more than 50 years, and called the Western Conference Final one of the most exciting they have seen. Their Stampeders beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 22-14. Photo by Sajan Jabbal.

Malcolm ranks this win among the best he’s ever seen.

“Oh it’s so exciting, so exciting.  What a wonderful game.”

The Stamps’ Alex Singleton was a standout linebacker during the game, able to pick up eight tackles and make an amazing catch on an onside kick to secure the victory.

fieldgoal 2018WEBThe Winnipeg Blue Bombers failed to score a touchdown Nov. 18 and were forced to rely on their field goals to give them any points in their Western Conference Final loss to the Calgary Stampeders. Photo by Sajan Jabbal.

Calgary wide receiver Eric Rogers was another shining star, scoring all three of the Stampeders’ touchdowns, making six catches and averaging 10.2 yards a catch.

James Yu, an avid football fan who played throughout high school, knows the challenge of sub-zero conditions.

“It’s super cold out and the ball is probably as hard as a rock,” says Yu.

Yu 2018WEBJames Yu played high school football in Calgary and appreciates what players in Sunday’s Western Conference Final were forced to contend with thanks to sub-zero weather at McMahon Stadium, Nov. 18. The Stamps beat the Blue Bombers 22-14. Photo by Sajan Jabbal.

While Stampeders fans were waving their cowbells and chanting with their arms in the air, Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans reacted to the loss with everything from tears to jeers.

Blue Bombers fan Richard Bezemer, who lives in Calgary, says this was not the outcome he was hoping for.

“It’s kind of disappointing,” says Bezemer after the game.  “They had a pretty good year and to end like this, with no offence, wasn’t very nice, but living in Calgary I’m not too disappointed.”

Bombers’ star running back, Andrew Harris, led the league in rushing yards this regular season, but the Stamps’ defence, led by Alex Singleton, was able to shut him down, only allowing 71 rushing yards this game, averaging 5.5 yards per carry.

samnani 2018WEBNabeel Samnani is not a big CFL football fan, but he came out to support his city and his community Nov. 18 at the Western Conference Final, where the Calgary Stampeders beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 22-14. Photo by Sajan Jabbal.

Nabeel Samnani is not someone who pays much attention to the CFL, but he went to today’s game to show support for the city he lives in.

“I don’t generally watch football, but because it’s such a big moment for the city and for the community here, I’m real happy about it so I just came out to support my city,” says Samnani.

The Stampeders will now prepare to battle the Ottawa Redblacks on Nov. 25, and hope to finally redeem themselves as Grey Cup champions for the first time since 2014.

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