Twice a year, Mount Royal University’s Student Association (SAMRU) hosts their Sex Toy Bingo event in order to promote safe sex and healthy relationships.

Students from MRU have been attending the bingo event for roughly half a decade, and attendance is always growing, with over 100 people attending each of the two annual events.

So many people are attending, in fact, that the event has had to be moved to MRU’s Wyckham House rather than The Hub, the university’s on-campus bar.

Meagan Lee Filteau, who co-founded Eudaimonia Sexuality Seminars and is a sexuality and relationship coach, says that culture, family and friends influence people’s perspectives based on the messages they have been taught.

“We’re taught that it might not be okay to explore our bodies, to experience pleasure within our bodies.”

Sex Toy BingoMount Royal students fill Wyckham House to play bingo games for the chance to possibly take home new sex toys. Photo by Cassie Jamieson.
The event is curated towards the promotion of consent, safe sex practices and healthy relationships.

“The event is also important in the de-stigmatization of all types of sex, including no sex at all,” says Eddy Robinson, administrative assistant to the MRU Pride Centre.

The table of sex toy prizes always has a number of different products, ranging from items you can use individually, and others for partner play.

Mount Royal University hosts Sex Toy Bingo twice a year to help students open up a conversation about safe sex. Video produced by Cassandra Jamieson.

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