The fifth annual YYC Pizza Week has come and gone with the winners having been announced with critical praise. While Trolley 5 Brewpub didn’t make the cut, it still received rave reviews.

The event was a fundraiser for Calgary Meals on Wheels. Participating restaurants create and sell a specialty pizza, and a slice of the sales are donated to help improve the nutrition of those in need. 

 Calgarians enjoy delicious pizza at the 10-day YYC Pizza Week. Video produced by Isabelle Bennett.

Partway through, Chef Todd Vadnais said he had only received positive feedback about his creation.

“I don’t think I’ve heard too many bad things, or any bad things, or else they haven’t told me,” he said with a laugh. 

Vandais’ pizza was inspired by an unexpected ingredient — jam. 

 MG 9749EDITEDTrolley 5 Brewpub’s YYC Pizza Week creation consists of wild ingredients, from jam and pears to spicy andouille sausage. Customers raved over the sweetness on September 26. Photo by Isabelle Bennett.

“Having jam seemed like it would be too sweet, so I picked a really spicy sausage, an andouille sausage and I infused it with jam,” he said. “It all just kind of came together when I was building it.”

Subsequently, the customers ate it up.

“There’s a lot of elements there that I didn’t think you could put all on one crust,” said Trolley 5 regular Cam Fraser.

Scarpetta, Windsor Pizza Co., Ollia Macarons & Tea, and Beer Revolution were this year’s award recipients. Over the years, the event has raised over $35,000 for Calgary Meals on Wheels.

The event is expected to return next September for another slice.

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