Alberta Education piloted a School Nutrition Program in 2016 that works to give students in participating schools one nutritious meal a day, however, not all children across the province have access to this resource.

Andrew Moffat is a local father who recognized a greater need for snack programs for children under the age of six after realizing how much students benefited from similar programs in his daughter’s school.

Moffat took action by creating It Takes A Village, an organization that offers a healthy snack program at the Bowness Community Association drop-in play hours, in an effort to help younger children and families in his community.  

“Six and under, you can’t expect a kid to provide for themselves so if a family needs support, if that kid needs support, I really think that it is my responsibility and everyone’s responsibility as a society to be that village and support that family.”

In addition to the snack program, Moffat hosts a monthly potluck for all community members to attend and hopes that soon other communities will follow suit.

Find out more in the video below on how the organization, It Takes A Village is bringing the Bowness community closer together.

How one man is changing food accessibility for young children in Bowness from MRU Journalism on Vimeo. Produced by Kaeliegh Allan and Monique LaBossiere

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