Flowers, sparkles and lace take on a new meaning on September 29 for the Calgary International Fashion and Arts Week 2019 at the Carriage House Inn. Put on by Spotlight Couronne Internationale Inc, a personality development training camp and production company.

This new way of looking at fashion is brought on by the theme, L.U.S.H, which stands for: Lifestyle, Unconventional, Selfless and High-Fashion.

The host, Gloria Gift Nankunda says, “It’s nice to be part of a project where everybody believes in their two cents. You know, everyone brings something to the table and everyone is excited to be a part of this project.”

Spotlight Couronne Internationale Inc. (SCI) brought their students to the runway to model for this special event, including SCI kids.

fashion 3One of the SCI kids walking the runway at the Carriage House Inn for Calgary International Arts week 2019. Photo by Kirsten Phillips

John Ablaza, Kenny Ladaga, and featured their own intricate designs for the fashion show.

“Fortunately and ironically, I am a graduate of horticulture, so I studied about flowers and the environment inspires me a lot,” says John Ablaza. “So for me, L.U.S.H is about nature, it’s about flowers, birds, bees, butterflies.”

The night is not only about the awe-inspiring designs and models. A portion of the proceeds are going to CIBC Run for the Cure for breast cancer research.

Nankunda says, “There is nothing more beautiful than that. The art is not just art, but it is actually art that speaks to somebody beyond the people in the room tonight.”

Spotlight Couronne internationale Inc. brought their students to the runway to model for this special event. Video by Kirsten Phillips

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