Runners and animals alike gathered on Sept. 29 for the 15th annual Wild Run at the Calgary Zoo. Three years ago, Run Calgary took over the event which was previously known as the Gorilla Run, but the organization changed the name with the purpose of spreading the money raised to the conservation of animal habitats.

Kirsten Fleming, the executive director of Run Calgary, talked about Run Calgary’s involvement and how they have tweaked the event in recent years.


“A couple of years ago, we worked with the zoo to rebrand the event to ‘Wild Run’. We wanted to have the fun of being able to market to people who are passionate about a bunch of different animals and feature a different animal every year.” she said.

Operating as a charity marathon, participants fundraise before the event. This year’s run brought in just over $5000 that will go towards the conservation of burrowing owls.

FinsihLineThe pathways for the ‘Wild Run’ went through and around the Calgary Zoo, including the start and finish line which was located on St. Patrick’s Island. Photo by Zachary Worden

Kendra McGreish was a first-time participant in the run and finished third in the women’s race. As an experienced runner, McGreish found the event to be less competitive and more focused on fundraising and having a good time.

“I liked the spirit of it, it was more for fun and knowing that I was doing something good on top of that was great,” she said.

After the race came to a close, awards were handed out to runners who finished with the best times and met certain milestones in their fundraising.

It was a sellout event this year and, Run Calgary and the Calgary Zoo are excited to bring the event back for its 16th year in 2020.

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