The early pandemic lockdown restrictions forced many people into self-isolation for weeks in March and April. From schooling being moved online to workplaces being closed, Calgarians were living in unprecedented times. During those days of isolation, a few Calgary Journal reporters recorded their own video diaries to discuss how they were handling day-to-day life.

COVID Video Diary – Noel Harper 

Noel Harper discusses how music has helped him through the isolation, and also dives into how the pandemic has impacted his community.

COVID Video Diary – Chloë Chapdelaine 

Chloë Chapdelaine talks about how her life changed with health and safety restrictions in place. She explores what it’s like to deal with anxiety during these times, while also discussing no longer being able to travel.

COVID Video Diary – Sam Phelps

Sam Phelps offers updates about climbing case numbers in March and how restrictions were evolving, while also giving an inside look at how his family is handling everything.

COVID Video Diary – Solaya Huang

Solaya Huang discusses finishing the semester online and how the pandemic has impacted the internship she had planned for the summer.

COVID Video Diary – Kendall Bistretzan

Kendall Bistretzan talks about her experience being laid off from Barrow Coffee Roasters and staying connected with friends through video calls.

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