Jyoti Gondek addresses her campaign HQ for the first time as mayor-elect. PHOTO: DYLAN LEDUKE

Calgarians elected Jyoti Gondek Monday as the city’s first female mayor. Despite 26 other candidates on the ballot, Gondek crushed her competition, getting roughly 45 per cent of the vote compared to 30 per cent for Jeromy Farkas, her nearest competitor.

After a contentious past three years for city council, Gondek pledged to work with her new colleagues.

“Your new council will pull together around a common vision,” she told supporters after 10 p.m.. “As your mayor, I will lead with courage, with conviction and with humility.”

Farkas congratulated Gondek at his election press conference.

“Thank you Jyoti for your tremendous service and your incredible vision,” Farkas said. “You’ve earned the trust of Calgarians to lead, and I hope that you lead by example.”

Former councillor Jeff Davison finished third in the race, followed by Brad Field and Jan Damery. The new mayor will join a number of new members on the city council. She says they have clear marching order from voters

“Thank you for engaging in democracy and sending a clear signal about what our future looks like. Thank you for embracing a vision of promise and opportunity,” she said.

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Council Results 

Late Monday, the following candidates were either leading or declared winners. Full results are available on the Elections Calgary website.

  • Ward 1: Sonya Sharp
  • Ward 2: Jennifer Wyness
  • Ward 3: Jasmine Mian 
  • Ward 4: Sean Chu 
  • Ward 5: Raj Dhaliwal
  • Ward 6: Richard Pootmans 
  • Ward 7: Terry Wong 
  • Ward 8: Courtney Walcott
  • Ward 9: Gian-Carlo Carra
  • Ward 10: Andre Chabot
  • Ward 11: Kourtney Branagan 
  • Ward 12: Evan Spencer
  • Ward 13: Dan Mclean
  • Ward 14: Peter Demong

Fluoride plebiscite results 

On the ballot, Calgarians were asked whether or not they were in favor of adding fluoride into the water. For the first time since 2011, Calgarians have voted heavily in favour of the reintroduction of fluoride into the city of Calgary’s drinking water, with 62 per cent of Calgarians voting yes.

Referendum and Senate vote results

Municipalities have until Oct. 26 at 11 a.m. to report the results from the referendums on daylight savings, equalization payments, and the Senate vote to Elections Alberta. 

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