In August of 2019, Karl Lorenzana started an Instagram page called Someone Wore This to  showcase and sell vintage t-shirts and denim, but after a few months, he began posting his outfits as a way to express his personal style. 

What he didn’t expect was to become a part of a large community of fashion enthusiasts who bounced inspiration off of one another daily on Instagram. 

“I’ve made relationships with people around the world and gotten to know a lot of cool people, but it also comes with judgment from others,” he says.

At times, Lorenzana wonders whether he worries too much about what people online think of his style. 

Meanwhile, fashion stylist Ghieann Rayco believes that staying true to unique fashion intuitions helps people find confidence, and other like-minded individuals in the online streetwear world.

“If you choose to style the way you want to, it’ll attract a certain amount of people, and those are the people you need to attract.”

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