The Gathering by Olivia Johnson, Photo by Amie Osness

New Architects in a Liminal Time, a new art exhibition showcasing the multidisciplinary works of 17 boundary-pushing artists, is open in a new space after vandalism at their previous venue in Kensington.

Arts Commons curator Jae Sterling has brought these artists together for a glimpse into what  happened during the pandemic and the different ways the world has reacted. By focusing on works created by QTBIPOC voices, New Architects brings underrepresented perspectives to the forefront.

Digital Panopticon by Harvey Nichol, Photo by Amie Osness

Originally, this exhibition ran through the month of February and was located in Kensington but vandalism to the entrance door of the building forced it to shut down before its final weekend. As this setback also stopped the closing ceremony from going on as scheduled, FOREIGNERZ worked to find a solution. Now The Grand will host New Architects.

The exhibit showcases paintings, sculptures, photographs and films that range from avant-garde surrealism to visceral and hyper-real. These pieces bring the depth and intensity of our times into the spotlight. Fueled by a pandemic in the prairies, this exhibit’s ability to step into a new evolution is abundant, and the conversation has already begun.

The exhibition runs until March 31. More information can be found on The Grand’s website.

Treading Waters by Olivia Johnson, Photo by Amie Osness

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